I've been a Northern Virginia wedding and family photographer for over a decade. I've shot hundreds of weddings and sessions and during that time I've learned so much.

With a bachelor's degree in art education, I knew that teaching would always be part of my life. I have over a decade of experience shooting weddings and families, I've learned the strategies and methods to become a successful photographer in a competitive market.

Let's take your business and your art to the next level. Whether you're wanting to book more clients, make more money or go from a side-hustle to a full time gig, I'm here to help. 

I LOVE watching photographers take the knowledge that they have learned and improve their skill, build their confidence and book more clients.  I'm an open book. Let me help guide you in this profession.


"I’m so thankful for my mentorship experience with Sarah. Sarah is not only an incredible artist, who has skillfully mastered her photography craft, she is also an amazingly thoughtful mentor and a wonderful human. Sarah’s big heart coupled with her skill, teaching ability, and thoughtfulness make for a mentorship experience that is so valuable. If you’re a photographer looking to learn more- and learn from one of the best- I highly recommend a mentorship session with Sarah. You won’t regret it!"