I'm Sarah.


More than likely, you can find me wandering the rows of a greenhouse, thrifting or digging in the dirt. I'm passionate, and I feed off of good vibes and creativity. I'm obsessed with rare houseplants, lemon PEZ, and most stores' stationary aisle. I'm unapologetically 'ME'.

I'm a self-taught natural light photographer located in Northern Virginia, inspired by nature and details. I'm constantly searching for pockets of light, texture, and good composition. I'm a storyteller, capturing little details that resonate with my soul. I'm in love with the process of creating the images just as much as I love the outcome. 
I'm REAL with my clients. I'll tell you stories, hide in bushes with your children and point out all of the unique plants that grow around the area that we're shooting.
I'm the photographer that glues your fake lashes back on for you, carries bobby pins to fix a bride's stray hair, and stitches up the back of a bridesmaid's dress when the zipper breaks. I'm a storyteller, but I'm also a hopeless romantic who seeks out every sweet detail of your wedding that helps to tell YOUR STORY. 

I want you to look back at your images and not only see how beautiful they are but remember the wonderful time we had creating them TOGETHER. I want every single session to be an experience. 

I want time to stand still...
Just for a moment...

I can't wait to work with you.

- Sarah

Let's Create together.