I'm Sarah


I'm a full time momma, wife and an artist.  I'm a self taught, natural light photographer located in Northern Virginia. My shoots are all about the experience. An experience for BOTH of us.  I want to tell YOUR story. I want you to look back at your images and not only see how beautiful they are but remember the wonderful time that we had creating them TOGETHER.  

I trust my eye and I feel that I just see things differently than most. I search for the perfect light and often times look like a total nut doing so... But I'll do anything for the shot. I'll climb trees with your kiddos, Play hide and seek and run around acting like a total loon to capture your child's REAL personality on camera. I'll walk through a field that we are shooting in and create a custom flower crown for my senior girl  as we are giggling over high school stories and walking from one location to another. I'll jump in and help out with anything my bride needs from the moment you book me until your final grand exit as a Mrs. 

I want time to stand still... Just for a moment. I want YOU to be CELEBRATED. I want to capture the real smiles and the raw emotion that truly shows THE REAL YOU. I can't wait to work with you. 

Let's Create together.


The mission at Spectrum Inspired is to raise awareness for Autism through documentary photography. We tell these real-life, authentic stories through unposed, natural moments.

Verity Varée's mission is to empower women with confidence, boldness, kindness, hospitality towards self and others. 
We hope to create a community where stories are shared for the education, empowerment and refining of our character. 
We aim for a mutual respect of differing paths and beliefs in an effort to understand each other better. 
We aspire to create safe spaces to sit, to listen and to practice presence. 
We desire the cultivation of beauty, the noticing of beauty and the challenging of beauty beyond pre-meditated standards. 

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